“Marketing is no longer about the stuff that you make, but about the stories you tell.”

 Seth Godin 

The price of each project is individual. It depends on a lot of factors , here you can't find several options:

pricing examples for video services 

Personal stories     

1200 €



Max 7 hours of filming 


One location

post production (color grading and editing) 

1 min. video.

Personal story, or working process, or live style footage, or behind the scenes

Perfect for personal story 

Product stories for social media 

2500 € 



8-10 hours filming 

One Location

Post production (color grading and editing)   

10-15 seconds video for each item ( 10-12 items) 


Perfect for fashion, food, product and etc.

Detailed brand story 

 from 3500€



The time for video filming is individual and discussed with the client

Different locations 
you can choose several filming 

Personal story / Interview / Live style footage / Behind the scenes / working process / products / working area and etc.


Perfect for any brand story



All prices include  ALV 24%

Pricing examples for photo services 

Personal story     

800 €



Max 3 hours of photographing

two locations

20+ photos  

Personal portrait pictures,working process, behind the scenes.



Life style product story

1250 € 



Max 6  hours of  photographing

One location

Life style product pictures

3-5 pictures of each item (  10-15 items) 



Perfect for fashion, food, product and etc.

Detailed brand story 

 from 2000€



Max 8 hours of photographing

50+ pictures
Personal portrait, life styled product pictures, live style footage, behind the scenes, working process, working area and pictures of your working staff and с